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The Top Pet Peeves in BJJ

A recent post by ATOS black belt, Josh Hinger, about his number one pet peeve in BJJ has started the conversation about pet peeves in BJJ. While we often talk about the kinds of people we don’t like training with and why, or as instructors what our biggest pet peeves are, we hardly elaborate on the peeves that make us tick when rolling and why. After speaking with a range of belts from white to black – here is some of the top pet peeves starting with Hinger’s:

“Pinky Grabbing Jerks”: Or perhaps just finger grabbing jerks in general. This is the guy/gal who thinks its okay to grab fingers to break grips or get out of some type of body control in no-gi. And just FYI – fingers probably take the LONGEST time to heal on their own especially when you’ve sprained, strained, or fractured them. So before you think about grabbing someone’s fingers on purpose, just remember that whatever happens next (knee on face, knee on chest, elbow in the face…), you probably 100% deserved it.

Then there’s my personal favorite… the digging elbows in your thighs to open the guard jerks. This really doesn’t need any other explanation other than the description. We have ALL been there before… most times with white belts and other times with higher belts whose ego can’t stand that they can’t get out of your guard. If NOBODY taught you how to open the guard correctly, this might be acceptable, BUT for the most part it’s not because it’s just a straight up dick move. Don’t be surprised if you get triangled, armbarred, or swept then mounted and submitted shortly thereafter – especially if you are doing this to a higher belt.

After rolling with a blue belt at the time, one of the black belts I know told me how much he hates rolling with PEOPLE WHO TALK DURING THE ROLL. I mean, it’s one thing to tell a black belt, “good job” after they just swept or submitted you, but to continuously make comments or laugh during a roll is straight up annoying. Most people take training seriously… and rolling with a black belt should actually be one of those times. After all, most people try to “show off” their skills when they get the opportunity to train with a black belt.

Last but not least, another crowd favorite: people who stop a roll to reset because of (insert any excuse here) when they are getting smashed. This is a particular shout out to the higher belts that do this – namely bigger purple belts who are given a hard time by their arch nemesis smaller blue belts. Don’t get me wrong, you see this at all the belt levels, but it is most common with purple belts because of the stage their ego is at.

I’m sure I missed a few more peeves that should be added to this list, but these definitely top the charts, as we see it happening more often than it should. Rather than resort to passive aggressive behavior by getting annoyed and then trying to submit your partner as quickly as you can thereafter, communicate with them and tell them how and why they are being a dumbass. It may save you from more incidents (and headaches) like this in the future.

Lea Young

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