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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Show Up Late to Class

Most academies have a strict policy that they adhere to when people show up late to class without notice. This is usually illustrated in the academy house rules or etiquette guidelines. Some instructors take it more seriously than others, while some choose to let students get away with showing up 30 minutes late because they want to give everyone an opportunity to train. However, regardless if it’s in your academy house rules or not, here’s five reasons why you shouldn’t show up late to class:

It’s rude and disrespectful to the instructor and your training partners. First, you missed the warm up while everyone else who showed up on time has to do them. Second, if everyone is evenly paired up, you disrupt the flow of drilling by having to be put into a group of 3. Which also then leads to…

It wastes your partner’s training time. If you come into class mid-technique and are not savvy with it, you end up spending more time troubleshooting the drill rather than drilling it correctly. This, in turn, wastes your partner’s time, as they showed up to class early and was able to see the technique done in its entirety from the beginning.

You don’t gain/learn much if you only catch the last 15-30 minutes of class. I never understood (and still don’t understand) why people would want to jump into a class after it is more than half over. First, you miss the warm up, which if your body is cold and you end up jumping into higher paced drilling or sparring, you could end up injuring yourself (or others). Second, everyone is already paired up and have a good rhythm going on. Coming in as the odd person will annoy people already drilling together, as well as not knowing what the drill is and them having to waste their time explaining it to you.

It’s shameful and disruptive. Unless you have a good reason why you’re late (traffic, etc.), there should be no reason why you should be late. A class schedule exists for this specific reason. Just like how you are scheduled to work or go to class at a specific time, being on time for a Jiu-Jitsu class shouldn’t be any different. After all, would you be perpetually late to work? No, right? Because there are consequences… or at least after a specific amount of times you are late there will be consequences.

You look like the douchebag that just wants to skip the warmups. No matter WHAT COLOR YOUR BELT IS, it doesn’t give you any right or entitlement to skip the warm ups. Nobody is better than the warm ups — including black belts. Regardless if you’re not purposely trying to skip the warmups, that’s what it looks like to everyone else who showed up on time, as it’s the first thing you do after starting class.

Unless you have preemptively discussed why you would be perpetually late to class with your instructor and come to an agreement about the latest time you could jump into class before forfeiting it altogether, there should be no reason why you should show up late to class. Additionally, if there is another class after the first one, be polite and just wait it out if you show up late and the class has already gotten into the technique. If at all possible, give your instructor a heads up if you know you’re going to be late so that they will expect you to be late… and finally, don’t abuse the fact that you can show up late to class and still train. Trust me, your instructors and especially your training partners will thank you. After all, nothing is worse than teaching a class where a purple belt who lives the closest to the gym (and doesn’t work) would show up after the warm ups every single day. If that doesn’t scream disrespect or entitlement, I don’t know what does. Don’t be that guy (or girl). You are no better than your training partners… no matter the belt color.

Lea Young

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