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Tips for Beating the Winter Training Blues

Today marks the first day of winter. For many of us, the holiday season has been chillingly colder than most early on. With that being said, the cold, along with the shorter days, often promote lazy behavior and unfortunate absences from the gym. I admit that I am falling into the winter trap and find […]

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The Revolution of Professional Jiu-Jitsu

Following a 40-minute submission only battle between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan at Studio 540, Pena and his coach, Romulo Barral, offered a $20,000 challenge for a rematch in the gi with their rules. A challenge like that would have been unheard of five years ago, as professional jiu-jitsu was just starting to progress at […]

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The New Kid in Class /// By: Lea Young

A month ago, I moved from Hawaii to Washington. This is the first time that I’ve lived outside of Hawaii and despite the rain and cold, I’m enjoying life on the “mainland.” With a new life in the Pacific Northwest comes the freedom of choosing a new academy to train with. This is especially difficult, as […]

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