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Stages Every White Belt Goes Through

As you progress through your jiu-jitsu journey, it’s hard to forget the highs and lows of when you first started. There are countless moments were I felt frustrated, asked myself why am I doing this, and for fleeting moments – wanted to give up because I didn’t think I would ever “get it.” If you […]

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Long Term Plan /// By: Jared Weiner

I was talking with a close friend of mine the other day who is in the middle of his successful MMA career. We were having discussion about some fighters who just got cut from the roster and were wondering what they were gonna do with their lives. This really got me thinking about long term […]

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World Clan PDX Recap

World Clan kicked off 2017 with its first stop at Impact Jiu-Jitsu in Clackamas, Oregon. With over 100+ in attendance plus 17 black belts from around the Pacific Northwest, the mats were overflowing with people, great techniques, and, as always, good vibes. Jiu-Jitsu in the Pacific Northwest is a special thing. Not only did academies […]

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Top 5 Signs of a Toxic Academy

People new to martial arts are often vulnerable and wouldn’t know a good academy from a bad one, especially if they have not tried multiple academies before choosing the one that is right for them. There are many red flags of a toxic martial arts academy. From cult-like behavior to using physical and mental control […]

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Mind Over Matter: Training the Competition Mind

With the 2017 comp season well underway, and with one of the largest BJJ competitions just around the corner next month (Pan Ams), there is much more to preparing for competition than just the physical aspects. Aside from strength and conditioning, dieting, and tough training sessions, in order to be successful in competition, the athlete […]

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The Top Five Training Partners that We Love to Hate

For some strange reason, jiu-jitsu can bring out the best and the worst in people. In our own academies, there are a multitude of personalities that can present a challenge to their training partners and instructors. The following is a short list of the common personalities that we may encounter on the mat: The Drill […]

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Beating the Blue Belt Blues

Otherwise known as the “Blue Belt Curse,” this phenomenon is common amongst all academies no matter how hard instructors try to prevent it. You may even know someone who fell victim to it and never made it back to training. Or you are suffering from it yourself (or have in the past). The first question […]

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