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The Enforcer /// By: Vincent Inoncillo

If you practice jiu-jitsu then more than likely it has become a part of your life. It’s a lifestyle no matter how big or small your involvement. Aside from the other places in life you spend your time, the academy is one place you frequent and consider your second home. It’s a place of comfort […]

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Go Fund Me? Go Fund Yourself.

As the World Championship nears, I’ve been seeing more Go Fund Me pages pop up recently for “athletes” who need help paying for their registration and travel expenses for the upcoming competition season. Normally, I don’t usually see a problem with this, as I know that travel and tournament fees can be quite pricey. However, […]

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Gender Equality in Jiu-Jitsu

In recent years and notably in the last month, gender equality for females in jiu-jitsu has become a hot topic. Starting with the disparity in prize money for female black belts to the UAEJJ capping the heaviest female weight class at 90 kg (198.6 lbs) and abolishing the absolute division, females are definitely getting the […]

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Big News for All Adult Black Belt Competitors

The IBJJF recently issued an announcement that starting next year, a new points requirement will be put in place for all adult black belt divisions to register for the European and Pan Championships. Not only would these black belts need 50 points to be able to compete in the World Championship, they will be required […]

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