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The BJJ Lifestyle

Let’s not get it twisted, people. The “Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle” doesn’t just mean training leisurely once or twice a week, wearing fancy gis (and all of the BJJ gear that goes along with it that screams “Hey! I train!”), and eating acai. It goes much deeper than this. I went to Brazil for the first time in […]

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New School No-Gi

Recently, I’ve been seeing some heated discussions over social media following this weekend’s United Grappling Association’s headliner match between 15-year-old no-gi phenom, Nicky Ryan and 25-year-old 10th Planet brown belt standout Marvin Castelle. The fight ended in Ryan’s favor with a heel hook variation at 3 ½ minutes. Ryan then went on to fight black […]

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Worlds 2017 Recap

Going into Worlds 2017, there were a lot of things that we got hyped about – the return of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, the Absolute King; the black belt debuts of the former 2016 brown belt world champions; and some notable rivalry match ups in the black belt weight divisions. Needless to say, Worlds 2017 did […]

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