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The Great Uniform Debate

Lately, I’ve been noticing more academies moving towards a uniform policy where students are required to wear an academy specific gi that can only be purchased through the academy. While there are affiliations who have long institutionalized the requirement, I think a lot, if not the majority of the BJJ community, does not adhere to […]

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Live Training vs Fighting

A couple weeks ago, I came across John Danaher’s Instagram post about training vs fighting. He says: “Training vs fighting: A fundamental tenant of fighting is to avoid your opponent’s strengths whilst imposing your own. Interestingly, in training I recommend that you often do the exact opposite. In fighting and competition (shiai) THE OBJECT IS VICTORY. […]

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The Next Biggest Name in BJJ?

After the 2017 Worlds, you cannot deny that new black belt, Nicholas Meregali, exceeded everyone’s expectations by winning a world title in his first year at black belt by defeating the five-time world champion, Leandro Lo. Not only did he defeat Lo, but on his way to gold, he submitted former world champion, Lucas Leite, […]

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Beating the Burnout

For BJJ instructors, that is. We all know that regular school teachers deal with burnout all the time. The challenge is always keeping your students engaged, excited, and willing to learn. Being a “teacher” of jiu-jitsu is no different. We need to keep our students engaged so that they want to come back the next […]

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Why Cross Training is Important

As we’ve seen from the positive results of the World Clan movement, training with others is important for your development and character in BJJ. First and foremost, if you are training at a school that vehemently does not allow cross training with other academies in your area or even your own affiliation – that is absolutely […]

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