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Nick Name Culture /// By: Jared Weiner

World Champion Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, or “Bochecha,” has one of the more infamous nicknames in BJJ. Literally meaning “cheek” or “big cheeks,” Almeida was given this nickname when he first began training as he was a bit overweight and his cheeks were prominent.Photo credit: @marcusbuchechaThe nick name is not a new thing. Nicknames have been […]

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Travel Tips for BJJ /// By: Raquel Pa’aluhi-Canuto

Raquel and Renato in Brazil.My husband and I travel often. From the outside looking in, we seem rich and like we’re living the life. But the truth is, we are very smart travelers. We weren’t always this way but over time we’ve learned a handful of things that’s saved us thousands of dollars. Today I […]

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