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Reasons Why Jiu-Jitsu is Awesome

Photo credit: Moises Lopez/Honeybadger BJJ

For those of us who have already managed to get bit by the BJJ bug, we can give you 101 or more reasons why Jiu-Jitsu is so awesome. However, when explaining BJJ (and all of its awesomeness) to others who have no idea what it is, it may sound like you’re speaking a foreign language to them. This makes it a little difficult to get them to try a class if they’re apprehensive about the unknown. So we decided to create a blog specifically designed for our friends and family that we would like to share the many reasons why BJJ is so awesome:

  1. You will live a healthier lifestyle. Everyone who wants to get in “better shape” really wants to lose weight. BJJ gives you a comprehensive workout, introducing you to muscles that you didn’t realize you had at all. Because BJJ is a whole body workout, you are getting a cardio and strength and conditioning workout all in one. You will sweat, you will be challenged, but when you get through the workout, you feel amazing. The weight somehow just melts off once you start consistently training. Not only will you lose weight, but you will find yourself eating healthier and feeling better.
  2. Everyone is equal when they’re on the mat. What we mean by this is: it doesn’t matter who you are outside of the gym. You could be a rock star, movie star, doctor, lawyer, etc… it doesn’t matter. When you put on your gi, the only hierarchy that exists is by belt color. And you know that BJJ is something awesome when celebrities like Demi Lovato, Paul Walker, and Spencer Pratt (just to name a few) become advocates of the sport.
  3. You will expand your circle of friends – exponentially. And we don’t just mean your friends at the gym. It includes people that you meet on social media and IRL when attending seminars, competitions, etc. It’s like you will just “click” with people and they eventually become your good friends/extended family. All because of BJJ. I mean, where else could you choke your friend and it's cool?!
  4. On that same note, if you’re single, you may find Mr. or Ms. Right on the mat. When you share common interests, and in this case, a big one like BJJ, everything becomes a lot easier. You won’t find yourself fighting about how much time you spend at the gym and/or if you’re “rolling around” with other guys/girls. You will now essentially have a workout partner and someone who understands the struggles of dieting, getting ready for competition, and “getting” BJJ.
  5. Most importantly, your mental well-being will positively increase. If you are continually stressed out at work or at home, BJJ is the answer. The complexities of learning new techniques and teaching your body to move in ways it hasn’t before, in combination with a good workout, will take your mind off of the things that are emotionally wearing you down. This is why many combat veterans are turning towards BJJ to combat PTSD, anxiety, and suicide.

Photo credit: Moises Lopez

While this list can go on and on, the fact is that Jiu-Jitsu can be a life changing experience if you let it. It’s no wonder why those of us who do it are so adamant in sharing it with the people that we care about. If you’re having trouble finding the words or if your friends/family think you sound like a broken record trying to get them to understand what’s so great about BJJ, share this with them. They may end up changing their mind!

Lea Young

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