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Why Are You Thankful For Jiu-Jitsu?

The holiday season always evokes feelings of gratitude and sense of family. With Thanksgiving at our doorstep and Christmas right around the corner, this is often the time that we slow down in training and spend less time on the mats. However, it is a time that we reflect on why we are thankful for […]

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Qualities of a Good BJJ Coach/Instructor

In order for us to become successful in jiu-jitsu, we cannot do it ourselves. Aside from training partners to help us get better, we need knowledge from our coaches/instructors/professors. The teaching styles and approaches that our instructors use vary from person to person, either having a positive or negative impact on our learning. So what […]

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Mat Therapy

Last week on Halloween, while most people were out celebrating, a bunch of us showed up to train. Earlier that day, I saw a FaceBook post from one of my friends/training partner that he had recently lost someone close to him. To my surprise, he also showed up to train that night. It turned out […]

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Pre Performance Routines and Rituals

A pre performance routine is defined as “sequence of task relevant thoughts and actions which an athletes engages in systematically prior to his or her performance of a specific sport skill.” Routines help athletes be completely (physically, technically, and mentally) ready to perform at their best level. From the hobbyist jiu-jitsu practitioner to the world-class […]

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