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My Body is a Heaven Suit /// By: Rachel Nelson

We are going to get metaphysical; stick with me. At the end of this fiasco this will make sense to your sweet BJJ brains.

First thing first, don’t be freaked out…but, I’m a philosophical theologian. The BJJ mat leads me to some wild insights that let me understand our existence in new ways.

Let’s begin.

If you believe something beyond yourself created the existence of all the humans around you, this infers that every human, by means of existing is a creation of the same origin. If every human is of the same origin, and we offer up the presupposition that this creator or source of existence intends goodness, we can use the catch phrase of heaven to describe everyone’s origin. This body of yours, mine, and everyone else is but a heaven suit. It clothes the wordless and undefined force of being that we truly are within its fibers. The body is a heaven suit.

If you go about your day, and first thing you choose to acknowledge about another human is that they rock a heaven suit, you’ve chosen to see them first and foremost as a piece of heaven itself. You identify them with a sense of unity to yourself, who also rocks a heaven suit. A foundation of peace and mercy towards others naturally follows. Concerning yourself, should you view your body as a heaven suit, may you come know a wholeness and acceptance that was always yours, just waiting for you to acknowledge and claim. A foundation of peace and mercy towards yourself will follow.

This is a tool of perception that may be used to build yourself a new reality, should you desire it. However, it may sound like bullshit to some, especially when there are mean people roaming around that hurt others, right? So, let’s examine the concept using common BJJ occurrences in order to “see the light” if it is to be found.

In BJJ, we all wear gi’s. The gi is a vital part of all of our identity in this nifty pseudo family. The gi symbolizes the bond between all the diversity that will ever walk in the gym door. Should a stranger enter the gym, curious eyes may watch, but once that stranger pulls out their gi, it is suddenly like a long-lost cousin has popped up for visit. We welcome them, want to know what has brought them into town, we even get a little excited about how long they get to stay with us. We make them feel at home; we know nothing about them and it doesn’t matter. Why? When you choose first and foremost to notice the gi, you choose first and foremost to identity yourself with them; you are of the same origin-unity.

Sweet, okay. How does peace and mercy follow? People that wear gi’s come with a wide range of skill levels. The person in the gi may be a wild and dangerous white belt or a fabulous and smooth black belt. When you roll with the white belt, you might get elbowed and kneed: fact. Also, fact: you don’t freak out on the white belt and demand he figure his shit out right now. You may roll your eyes during the roll and swear to yourself you won’t roll with Mr. Wild again,….. but he gets to stay on the mat. Not everyone is on the same level, as is with life. Stuff takes time to figure out, and often people don’t even realize the damage they do to others. Sometimes you get hurt. You offer peace and mercy to your partner, go tape whatever is broken, but the fact remains…you both wear the gi and that won’t change.

If you can make a micro heaven on a mat by seeing people firstly, for the gi they wear, you can expand that heaven off the mat. You can make a macro heaven on Earth by seeing everyone, firstly, as rocking a heaven suit. Let peace and mercy follow you, even with the wild ones. The mat bares some intense truths; jiu-jitsu is always speaking.

Lea Young

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