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The Unfortunate Consequence When the Rules Don’t Go In Your Favor… /// By: Vincent Inoncillo

We all know it, Jiu-Jitsu is hard. But it is fun. It is a challenge, but also rewarding. Whether you train full time or casually a few times a week, you definitely care enough to dedicate yourself to putting in work.

When it comes to the competition scene, not all parties are equal when it comes to skill, the time put it or even physical attributes. But everyone does their part to prepare for a match and especially to win within the given rule set. On the flip side the parties administering the event should also be well-educated on the rules and regulations of the event and aware of the hard work these full or part time athletes put in in preparation for a competition. And specifically if these athletes are spending their hard earned money to register for and event.

In the end everyone wants their fair shake when they step on the mats. Clearly if they get dominated and submitted in 30 seconds then there should be no excuse. However, if you have clearly passed your opponents guard, then mounted and weren’t awarded the points and that’s what cost you a victory, then you have an argument.

Recently, BJJ black belt Pablo Silva took to social media and voiced his thoughts on a situation where he wasn’t rewarded points by the referee and it cost him the match and his team’s overall score for the event. This is a prime example of where referee should have been on his game when it came to awarding the proper points. This instance took place at an IBJJF event and the federation took the time to review the video and admitted that Silva should have been awarded four points.

Silva points the athletes dedicate a lot of time and money into getting ready for events. Athletes deserve to have their match refereed properly and fairly. Regardless if they pay to compete or they get paid to compete. Not just the IBJJF, but other promotions have rules meetings prior to events where they inform everyone of how points are awarded. And even the IBJJF has training for their own referees. Maybe the same thing should be for any type of BJJ ref. Nonetheless, referees need to be aware of the exchange of positions and have the proper knowledge to know when the proper points are advantages should be awarded.

As a result Pablo Silva’s match was reviewed but nothing was done even though they admitted there was a mistake. Athletes should be able to have their matches reviewed when they feel there is a discrepancy to points awarded or not awarded. After all they work so hard and to just have it taken all the way because person facilitating their match was careless or not knowledgeable enough to know the difference.

There are many other instances where this has occurred in BJJ and other professional sports. When these matter arise they should definitely be brought to the attention of the officials and should be reviewed and taken care of properly if there was any kind of mistake. It’s only fair to the athletes, their team and even the people who pay to watch them. Integrity should be priority when it comes to officiating a match or a game.

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