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2019 AZ State and AZBJJF Season Results

By: Danny O’Donnell and shot by Ryan Laurent

The 2019 AZ State Championships wrapped up an action packed 2018-19 tournament season for the AZBJJF. There were 921 total matches over the course of the weekend with 401 of them ending by submission. Competitors from 25 countries, 92 clubs, and 49 teams registered to solidify their spots in the 2018/2019 season rankings. Going into the weekend, Maracaba BJJ was leading both the team and academy rankings, followed by GD Jiu Jitsu Academy, Lotus Club, and Gracie Barra. 

Andre Maracaba and his team had their sights set on the state and season titles leading up to the event and were able to capture both in impressive fashion —“We had our biggest team to date competing at the 2019 State Championship, and with a good performance we were able to come in first place for both the kids and adults academies and first place for the adult team as well. We had 19 first place finishes in the adult divisions with 4 athletes getting double gold; Jake Watson, Edward Batross, Connor Carpenter and Ryan Lipscomb. We had 9 first place finishes with the kids.” 

The 2018-19 AZBJJF season started in August 2018 and included the No Gi State Championship, the Novice Cup, The Southwest Classic, The Master’s Cup, The AZ International Open, The Copa Bella, The Kid’s Cup, and the AZ State Championship.

“The level of Jiu Jitsu in Arizona is very high and is getting higher every day. With so many great schools in the valley it is a confirmation that Maracaba BJJ are on the right path and that the hard work put in by our students is definitely paying off. I believe that when a new student walks through my doors it is my job to help them use Jiu Jitsu to better their lives. With that in mind my goals are always focused on the individual students’ personal goals so I can help them achieve them.”

Full team and academy results can be found at: https://azbjjf.smoothcomp.com/en/federation/28/ranking/. The 2019/2020 AZBJJF tournament season starts with the No Gi State Championship and the Novice Cup on August 10th.

Visit https://azbjjf.smoothcomp.com/en/federation/28/events/upcoming to get registered for these events!

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Diane O'Donnell - June 21, 2019

Very proud of you, Danny.
Nice article.


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